Wallet meets Key-chain for Safety, Security and Convenience

Problem 1:  The Morning Hunt

Misplaced keys is a common, yet frustrating issue for many people as they are trying to leave the house and head to work.  You have a tray or hook by the door but your but sometimes your keys like to run off and play a frustrating game of hide and seek. This is not a good way to start your day. With a Keysie your keys can stay on your bag while you open your door.  So now you are looking for your purse that is much easier to find than a small set of keys.

Problem 2:  Digging For Your Keys

We need bags, work bags, handbag, lunch bag, gym bag, diaper bag  etc. Oftentimes our keys end up at the bottom of those bags causing us to do the 'dig' several times a day.

Organization Makes Life Easier

Calm & Happy Mornings

Grab your bag and your keys are right there with it.  With a Keysie you let yourself in with your keys attached to your bag so you can't misplace them.  No more morning stress. 

No More Digging!

Easily clip your Keysie to any bag to keep keys at your fingertips.  It's large custom Keysie hook makes it easy to clip it on and off.  Your keys stay covered protecting your bag from scratching keys.

Grab & Go Convenience

Each Keysie has a secured credit card pocket on the cover because it's convenient to have your favorite credit cards in easy reach as well.  Add your ID to the pocket and you have all you need to grab your Keysie and go leaving heavy handbags behind.


The KEYSIE Story

Hi I'm Karen Kearsley, forgetful person & inventor of the Keysie. Sometimes I think I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached. I am guilty of not putting my own keys on the little hook.  As a busy working Mom with my mind on dinner and keeping track of the kids schedules it's a hectic life.  I was stressed out most mornings asking my kids and husband, "Has anyone seen my keys!!???  It was a horrible way to start the day.

One day I got a new car with key-less entry system.  That was great that I didn't have to turn the key in the ignition anymore.  Now I pressed the start button and the keys get tossed in my bag and end up lost at the bottom.

I found myself searching for my keys to get out of the house and now, with the key-less car, digging & searching for my keys to get back into my house. It was so frustrating and stressful I had to find a solution before I lost my mind.

I imagined a key ring with a strap to provide extra reach to reach a door lock and a protective cover.   Searching Etsy, Ebay and Amazon, I found nothing like it.  Hmmm, guess I'll have to make it myself. . . so I did.  Immediately my key problems were solved.  Every morning was wonderful. No more stress.  Mornings were now about hugs and wishing my family to have a good day, the perfect way to start the day.


What a journey

It's been two years of testing and prototypes and most recently EforAll entrepreneurial accelerator program.  Here's our class picture:

Keysie received a Massachusetts State Senate Recognition Citation based on the entrepreneurial advancements achieved within the first 12 weeks of the EforAll program.

Keysie was also recognized at Northeastern University's "Nurse Shark Tank" competition.

Next stop. . . maybe the real Shark Tank. . .